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about us Longest history luxury brand-Ralph Lauren has launched a new smart shirt. The new creature was showed at the America Open Tennis Championships. It can calculate a number of physical aspects by linking to a smart phone or other capable device. The act should help to push the nascent smart shirt sector forward.
Marcus Giron Who is a top-ranked college player worn the new smart shirt on his matches and his ball boys also help to wear shirts, Ralph Lauren company hopes will narrow the gap between luxury and smart technology in the clothing sector.
The college player thought that the smart shirt can help him understand his body a lot more, how he to improve day to day in terms of endurance and strength, what he need to do to recover faster and improve.
"To demonstrate this new wearable technology on the courts is an amazing platform for people to see it tested at the highest level of performance," Lauren said who is the executive vice president of the company, believes that high-tech can be high fashion.
The shirt don't have plugs and wires, making it wearable in a myriad of situations, including top-level athletic endeavors. It employs bio-sensing silver fibers that are then put into the nylon compression material. Data goes from the shirt to an attached black box (that you remove and recharge before you throw the shirt in the wash) to an app on your smart phone or tablet. It is able to track heart rate, breathing levels, stress, the number of steps a person has taken and the amount of calories burned.
It has received positive reviews from New York during the annual tennis tournament. The shirts won't be on general sale until the spring, and nobody know the cost of the smart shirt so far. But many people still think the smart shirt is a promising function for the game.
With wearable tech increasing, many companies are marching into sports sphere and health sector with their own wearable goods. Until now, however, top-class sport men have been anxious of adding additional weight to their bodies during matches.
Most analysts and observers believe health care technology is a top and need keep going forward and concerned by the biggest technology companies should create more competition and better innovation in the future. The battle is increasing and Ralph Lauren company hopes its smart shirt will be a winner in the business war.
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