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Lady's beach bra, 90% polyamide,10% elastane with various color, wide bottom with self-fabric & mesh, sandwich elastic at bottom. wide mesh at wings,sandwich elastic long wings, adjustable flat elastic at strap.
Lady's push-up bra, 76% polyamide,20% elastane, 3/4 cup with accessory metal in the center.mould light padding at cup, wires at ottom of cup, folded elastic at bottom and armhole, soft brushed elastic at upside of wing and adjustable strape. double lyaer at wings.
Lady's printed padded bra, 92% polyester,8% elastane, accessory mental in the center, single ply moulded lining, fancy elastic facing along armhole, top of wing and bottoms with zigzag stitches, single ply at wings. adjustable strap with wibbed elastic brushed inside. wires at bottom cup.
Lady's plunge bra, 90% polyamide, 10% elastane, accessory bowknot in the center. wires at bottom cup, single ply moulded cup inside, single ply at wings, facing elastic sewing with zigzag stithes along wings and armhole. adjustable strap with flat elastic.
Lady's bra, 88% polyamide, 12% elastane, mesh over cup with printed fixed strap, ribbon bow with shell accessory in the center, laser cut wave design at the bottom. shell of cup covered with lace and printed fabric under lace at cup sides, wires at bottom of cup and bones at sides, double layered fabric sealed together at wings, printed elastic at adjustable strape. moulded cup.
Lady's sport bra with pad, 95% rayon, 5% elastane, singer jersey 160 GSM, double-ply bingding, drop shaped hole in the middle with one button top.removebale trangle padding,  crochet at back piece, adjustable strap with narrow elastic.
Lady's printed bra, 90% polyamide, 10% elastane, ribbon bow accessory in the middle. printed mesh at shell of cup and wings., single ply moulded cup, wires at bottom of cup, single ply at wings, self fabric covered with elastic at front strap, flat elastic brushed inside at back strap, strap adjustable.
Lady's bra, 90% polyamide, 10% elastane, mesh over printed cup and middle, metallic accessory in the center. light padding at cup, striped mesh fabric at shell of cup and wings. fancy elastic facing onto armhole and along wings & bottom with zigzag stiches. single ply at wings,  adjustable strap with flat elastic brushed inside.
Fabric: 88% polyamide, 12% elastane, light padding at cup, mesh covered with binding at inner cupline, armhole covered with bidning along to front strap, wires at bottom cup, doulbe layer of fabric folded with elastic inside at bottom wings ant upside to top of wings, covered with binding, adjustable strap with flat elastic
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